Creative Offerings

Creative Offerings

some contributions from past retreatants

written by RF (Oct 2015)

There’s a peace that comes through sitting with the clamour.
Resting by its side and gently stroking its brow,
whilst the tears, softly tracking their own path
fall silently down.

There’s a sense, deep in the centre
that everything is just as it will be.
Precisely and without apology;
that though the pendulum may swing wildly from left to right,
it will always return, coming to rest
in that place of knowing.

This shared breath;
This opening of hearts and freedom of pace,
I shall cherish.
And when the clamour threatens to overwhelm
I will, as the pendulum,
return once again to this place of golden peace and breathe.



For Zohar. In your delight.
written by MF (June 2015)

In your delight
the shame dissolved
and the fetid stink of wrongness was carried off on a wisp of air.
In your delight
permission was given
to be life and allow the doors that held it separate to swing wide open.
In your delight
I heard god say ‘I am always here, just listen’
In your delight
we were all bluebells.