Lift Share Message Board

Lift Share Message Board

Offers and requests for lift-sharing to/from a retreat

Car sharing helps to make your journey as carbon-neutral as possible, and may save you money too!

  • To offer or request a lift please leave a message below stating your name (first name will be sufficient), the dates of your retreat, and where you’ll be coming from. Your email address will not be displayed publicly.
  • To contact someone who has left a message please email with details of the request/offer and we will put you in touch with the author (so long as you are both booked onto the retreat).

Request or offer a lift

13 entries.
Hello, I have a place booo on the retreat from 18 -25. Will be coming from Manchester if anyone can assist with the commute, please feel free to get in touch. Meanwhile, enjoy the sun and see you in August πŸ™ Nancy
Perhaps should also said the retreat is at Dartmoor.
β€˜Place’....not β€˜police’!!! Blame it on spell check!!! πŸ˜‚
Fortunate to have secured a last minute police on the retreat 14th to 21st July. Will be driving from South London. Happy to assist. N
email hacked so can't reply, but I've bought a train ticket after all now; but if anybody has offered a lift get Richard to give you my telephone number & give me a bell. πŸ”” ☎️ πŸ“± πŸ“ž πŸ™πŸΏ
I would absolutely love it if I could possibly get a ride for the 14th-21st retreat in Oxford, I'll be coming from London and more than happy to chip in for petrol and provide some good energy for the journey there and hopefully back, thanks!
would just love a lift for the *14 – 21 July retreat* Oxford area, there & back if poss phil (phillip)
Hi! I am also wondering if anyone is driving from London to the retreat 14th to 21st of July. Thank you. ELIN πŸ™‚
Megan Taylor
Hi - wondering if anyone is thinking of driving/needs a lift from Suffolk or surrounding area for the retreat on 14th-21st July? There is 2 of us - I am happy to drive but would like to fill the car if possible!
David Bradley
Needing a ride north (LEEDS) from the 18/25 August retreat
David Radcliffe
Hi, I am looking for anyone heading to Laura's retreat 14-21 July from West Yorks area.
Hiya, I'm looking for a lift from Bristol to the retreat running from the 14th-21st July. Thank you!
Hi I was wondering if anyone is driving up from London for Laura's retreat on the 14 – 21 July. Many thanks!! Sophie