Tending the Holy Fire

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Tending the Holy Fire:
A Practice Retreat for Lovers of Soulmaking

2 – 9 February 2018

Venue: Colehayes Park

This weeklong retreat is suitable for Dharma practitioners who are already familiar and relatively comfortable with the teachings and practices of the imaginal and the emotional/energy body, and who wish to deepen and widen these aspects of their practice together with other Dharma friends.

In order more fully to assist participants in their deeper digestion and consolidation of these practices and teachings, Catherine and Rob will focus on offering individual interviews, small groups, Q and As, inquiries, and various other practices to support soulmaking. They do not plan to present new material on this course.

Please note: places on this retreat are limited, therefore we have an application process and it may be that not everyone who applies will necessarily be accepted. The idea for this retreat is to serve those practitioners whose primary intention for the week is the further developing of their imaginal and soulmaking practices. If you would like to attend please also check first that you meet the pre-requisites outlined below.

If we receive your application before August 27th we will let you know by September 3rd whether we are able to offer you a place on the retreat. If we receive your application after August 27th and there are still places available, we will let you know by November 15th if you have a place. If there are still places available after this we will let you know further deadlines on this website.



This retreat is offered freely thanks to the generosity of those who have attended previous retreats and left donations. We anticipate the cost of this retreat will be around £170 per person and donations will be invited at the end of the retreat to go towards future retreats. This is an opportunity to practise generosity yourself and ‘pay it forward’, thus allowing others to take advantage of the same gift. We truly appreciate, on behalf of future retreatants, all that you are able to give. (We have almost no overheads so your money will go straight into providing the accommodation and food for the next retreat.)

We will also invite a separate donation for the teachers. Teachers do not receive a fee for leading retreats, whilst giving enormously of their time and energy. Dharma teachings are considered priceless and therefore teachers offer their understanding freely. The livelihood of most Insight Meditation teachers depends wholly, or to a large extent, on voluntary contributions from retreatants who value their guidance and wish to support the ongoing teachings of the Dharma. Your generosity to the teachers is greatly appreciated.

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